Sunday Services


Our Sunday services are family-friendly, within the setting of worship and a biblical preaching ministry.


The Sunday School is an integral part of the service - the children normally going to their class before the sermon.


We normally use Christian Hymns and Songs of Fellowship, with music provided by our historic pipe organ, and supplemented by piano and guitar as appropriate. Presentations are by on-wall TV.


Bible versions vary (NKJ and NIV are popular);


We invite all who have committed their lives to Jesus Christ for salvation, to share with us in the Communion service (2nd Sundays) which normally follows the main service.


Coffee, tea etc. is always provided after the service.


What we believe


This simple guide is not intended as a full doctrinal statement.


One God, the Creator, Who has expressed Himself in the Person of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, each Person being fully God.


The Christian Bible as the Word of God; and we therefore recognize its sole authority to guide us in all matters of faith, salvation, church life, and daily living.


The sinful state of the human race and its need of salvation, since God is holy and cannot look upon sin.


Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Who died on the Cross to save us from our sins and rose to Life that we might live with Him in God's presence forever, and Who will return in glory to establish His eternal kingdom.


The unity and fellowship of true believers who together make up the true Church.




Fyfield Baptist Chapel has a history going back many years. It was originally a daughter church of Abingdon Baptist Church with the buildings owned by St John’s College, Oxford. Late in the 20th century the buildings were purchased from St John’s (with the Trust Deeds held by the Baptist Union) and an autonomous independent fellowship of evangelical Christians established. A brief history is available here.


We preach Christ Crucified, Risen and Returning